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Construction workers around the exposed deck caissons (drilled shafts) from the Santee Lakes General Store.

The Owner desired a large observation deck along backside of existing General Store Building to provide customers a serene lake environment for dining and lounging.  We drilled 30” diameter piers from 17’ to 27’ deep on a 3:1 sloping bank reaching 15’ out over existing lake.  Drilling wasn’t easy, we encountered wet soft caving silts “lake bottom deposits”, nested cobbles and boulders and hard “Friars Formation” sandstone/siltstone.  Piers positioned in the lake required permanent full-length galvanized steel casing with epoxy coated reinforcing steel.  The piers were formed up to 12’ above existing grade for deck beams.  Careful coordination was required to maintain tight tolerances (1/4” plan and elevation) provided by deck fabricator.  This drilled shaft construction project was completed a week ahead of schedule through the rainy season while working in a difficult environmental setting.  Another difficult drilled pier construction project was successfully completed at Western Foundations & Shoring.

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