Where Every Project is Important, No Matter How Big or Small

Western Foundation & Shoring prides itself on customer service. We can perform small construction projects with only one drilled shaft or large projects with one thousand shafts. We offer design build services for shoring that ranges from small residential projects with only 2 support beams or large shoring projects of city blocks. We offer competitive rates with hourly pricing for small drill only projects or we can provide a lump sum bid for your ease of mind. We aim to help every client design and build what they need, all within their budget. With years of experience, we would love to make your vision come to life for your next foundation shoring or drilling project.

Western Foundations & Shoring works on a wide variety of construction services and projects including Residential, Commercial, Public Works, Military Bases, Border Patrol, Schools and Hospitals.


      • Hole drilling – Drilled Foundations, Swimming Pool Caissons, Seepage Pits, Elevator Shafts, Retaining Wall Caissons, Light Standards, Cell Towers, Power Poles, etc.
      • Limited Access (Drills as narrow as 40 inches wide)
      • Large Diameter Shafts over 200 feet deep
      • Hillside drilling
      • Caissons complete – drilling, reinforcing and concrete
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    • Design Build Shoring Systems (Temporary and Permanent)
    • Soldier Beams and Lagging (Cantilevered, Tiebacks or Braced)
    • Soil nailing and shotcrete
    • Steel beams and plates
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    • Underpinning/Retrofit
    • Micro piles
    • Helical screw anchors
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    • Structural support systems
    • Landslide repairs
    • De-watering well points
    • Well destruction
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