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A drill rig overlooks a lake, ready to create caissons for a lakeside swimming pool as men work on a nearby caisson.

The Homeowners of this custom backyard wanted a nice large pool with a beautiful view of the lake in Alpine, CA. The pool caissons ranged in size from 24″, 30″, 36″ and 42″ diameter with various depths. We encountered difficult caisson drilling conditions with large boulders, hard rock lenses and groundwater. The shafts were extremely close to the lake which increased the difficulty of holding back the water. Steel Casings were used for temporary support and concrete was pumped to the bottom of the shaft while the water was pumped off the top into a tank. Several of the caissons were carefully formed above grade with column form and stripped upon curing of the 4,000 psi concrete.

Another successful pool caisson drilling project….while helping a fellow homeowner build their dreams.


A pair of construction workers overseeing a riverside caisson drilling operation for a pool project in San Diego, CA.

Two construction workers install a shaft into the ground as a large caisson rig digs behind them to build a lakeside pool.



Have a project with pool caissons? Contact the caisson drilling experts at Western Foundations & Shoring, Inc. Be sure to check out our caisson drilling project in La Jolla, too!

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