Western Foundations & Shoring Inc.

Since 1982, Western Foundations & Shoring has provided drilling and shoring services all over Southern California. We have excelled in designing and building temporary and permanent shoring systems with years of experience in safety, efficiency and economic savings. No matter how big or small your construction project is, we can assist you with our professional staff and custom built equipment.

Your Partner in Building Shoring Systems, Caisson Construction and Drilling Services

Drilling Specialists

If you have a drilling project with limited access, low overhead, on a hillside, or a wide open flat lot, we have a vast array of equipment to get the job done. Foundation drilling is our whole business.

Shoring Experts

As shoring contractors, we utilize the best tools, shoring engineers and techniques to make structures sturdy and resistant to the moving earth and natural elements.

Innovative Thinking in Shoring Design

We are efficient in the design and construction of permanent and temporary shoring systems, please contact the experts.

There is No Room for Errors or Do-Overs

Our foundation drilling professionals have developed a reputation for ensuring that the custom construction job gets done right the first time.

We Employ Only the Best

Our workers and shoring engineers are employed by our company, which makes them accountable and responsible for upholding our good reputation.